Variable spell, target Character within 30 centimeters cannot by targeted by ranged attacks (it can still be targeted by spells), and ignores Terrain including Difficult Terrain. Since you can deploy your shields whenever it behooves you to get your Teppo Sohei where you want them as quickly as possible, although if you aren't facing return fire from other ranged enemies you don't need to bother. Chances are you want to hit the Infantry at shorter range, when your models will be engaging them. Banzai: Action Ability, a Charge that has a 2d10 distance rather than the usual single d10. Flying. Spells that the opponent resist give a number the opponent must make a Ki roll higher than to resist. If they eliminate the enemy Taisho, then they've probably paid for themselves and will die. Variable spell, target Unit within 60 centimeters has their Range reduced to a maximum of Medium Range and suffers +1 Attack for the spell duration. Intimidate: Combat Ability, causes -1 Honor and -1 Initiative to target Unit. They'll last longer and stick in the fight even beyond that so if you have Morale issues they'll be your preferred option, but otherwise you're going to need to balance them with your other expensive killers. If the Byakko wins, target takes 3 dice of Magical Damage. Lord Of The Forests: Action Ability, gain permanent control of a Forest. Kensei battles can be played in multiple scenarios for victory, and both players do not need to have the same victory conditions. Not as useful as the Raiju in general, but if your opponent likes to use a lot of fences and natural barriers the Basan can smoke them out. Chase Up To Hell: Action Ability, target Running Away Unit within 40 centimeters gets a Charge from the Shikome that grants 2 free Attacks instead of 1, after which they return to their start position (effectively making this a ranged attack that does not count as a Projectiles attack, does not require Line Of Sight, and ignores Terrain). Samurai Projectile Harasser Cavalry wearing no Armor, bearing Bows and Katanas. Stroke Of Madness: Action Ability, target Unit within 40 centimeters loses 2 AC for the rest of the turn. Large Creature. Also it is an ability that is 100% up to the dm if they want it to work or not. This document lists the server aliases and snippets available in the Daleos Server. They're a good choice for enhancing a point-sink Unit even further, and their ability to kill Characters regardless of their non-Ki stats without a chance for them to avoid it means that you can even kill an enemy Taisho very quickly. Large Creature. Each model that fires rolls one dice for each Wound it has (for example, three mounted archers have two hit points each while the fourth is wounded, so you roll 7 dice for the Unit to shoot with). Flesh Eaters: Passive ability, for every model killed by the Shikome a Ki roll is made, restoring a Wound to the Unit for every success. Projectile Heinin, armed with a Teppo and a Wakizashi plus Light Armor. Slashing Flourish. Uses Claws And Jaws, equipped with Medium Armor. Honor (HR): The morale of the model. Shikome are a fantastic, if very pricey, option. Kuge rely on heavy troops that are designed to support Ashigaru, plus using Ninja to disrupt the enemy. The best weapons in the game, the potential to shoot almost fucking anything that you want. No long range. Be warned, they're going to be the focus of shooting right off the bat. Big, Loner, Terror, Flying. Defenders Of The People: Every friendly non-Samurai within 30 centimeters has +1 Initiative. Medium range 21-40. Flying. What's not to love? If a Unit is partially obscured by terrain in the Real Line of Sight, it is in Light Cover for the purpose of ranged attacks. Cavalry Harasser Samurai equipped with Light Armor and a Yari, which causes -1 to the Armor of any Infantry in Combat with you and -1 to the Armor of any model type, plus a +1 Initiative when you Charge. The Unit that is Running Away makes it through all friendly Units in its way. Players wanting to boost the raw killing power of models, play morale games, or use raw blasting power should use their Onmyouiji as the Hymukai Sun Tzu. If at short range, it has -1. Still very durable, with a decent ranged attack you can use to fuck up Cavalry movements. By taking these in large numbers, you're dedicating your strategy to their use since losing them to a cavalry charge or arrows is easy and as damaging as losing a large Unit. Banzai: Action Ability, make a Charge at 2D10 distance instead of 1D10. Small Creature, Loner. Only then does the Confrontation end. Denuki: Infiltration specialist. At levels 4 and higher, players are allowed to take a Daimyo. They have the same basic stats as Katana Samurai, although the downside is the lower Armor and inability to take a Hata-Jirushi. The Bow debuff makes any Unit you can pelt with enough arrows is in for a rough night when they make contact with your melee models. Ghostly Advance: Passive, ignores all obstacles in Movement and can pass through all Terrain as well as both friendly and enemy Units. Remember the 50% Defense reduction of Teppo on targets is great, meaning you'll want to aim for the most durable things your enemy has. Small, Undead, Fear. Small Creature, Harasser. Chances are good that if you just need a cheap officer to grant a bonus to Honor and inspire Samurai models, the Samurai Daisho is where to go. Undead for defense (4 Armor). Improved by having a Bushi or Standard Bearer in the Unit. Wear Light Armor. Daimyo provide 4, Shirei-Kan provide 3, Hatamoto provide 2, Daisho Samurai provide 1. Rage works better for armies with large Units of Heinin. Everything from which ability scores to max out to which races will give you the best stats (and everything in-between) will be covered. The anti-Cavalry role is where the Ishitsubute shine. Their weak durability makes them ineffective as a long-term Tarpit, but they function well in groups of 5 or 10 as Redirectors (small Units of models that sit on the flanks of large Units to protect them). Mitsumono can likewise give a Unit with a Character engaging one of your own a nasty surprise. Large Creature, Harasser. During a player's turn, they first issue Special Orders in the following order: You first inform your opponent what each Unit is going to do. In a game where getting flanked right automatically destroys the Unit, something that costs so much and is begging to go out on its own is going to be dangerous to field. Level 1. Uses Claws And Jaws, equipped with Medium Armor. Unit size 3-10. Short range up to 20 centimeters. They are invaluable at eliminating super durable models and delaying Cavalry. Kunoichi in a Unit can leave your opponent absolutely fuming. Is With Us: Grants his Unit +1 Defense and +2 Initiative. Long Distance: Action Ability, maximum firing range increases by 15 centimeters for one turn. Taking more gives you a better chance to hit something and cause the debuff, but you should probably just take another Unit for a second target or more Yumi instead. Defensive Duelist and Savage Attacker really should've been half-feats (for Dexterity and Strength, respectively). A duelist’s precise strike only works against living creatures with discernible anatomies. Short range up to 15 centimeters. Is represented by any model you like, so as far as your opponent knows it could be anything from Taisho to Kappa. The Unit that was formerly Running Away automatically loses all Initiative and Honor rolls. Legendary Creatures are the Level 4 creatures, and can only be used in battles level size 4 and higher. Snake Attack: Combat Ability, an extra 2 DC Attack that is Poisoned (Crits on a 9+ Damage Roll). Light Armored Samurai Harassers with Jingama, which cause -1 to the Defense of Cavalry and negate their mounted bonuses (including their 2 points of Armor). Ranged weapons have a short range distance that provides -1 Attack, a medium range that is unmodified, and a long range with a -1 Attack penalty. But maybe I'm wrong? Buke Taisho abilities: Heinin have the same bonus as the Kuge give, but applying to melee rather than shooting. Step of the Wind 5E:- With this, your bonus action is the Dash or Disengage action, for which you need to spend one ki point. The higher the better. You'd think you would get an ability to bypass any water Terrain, which would make them situationally useful, but you don't. Crush With The Horses: Combat Ability, with each Attack made an additional Combat Dice is rolled as if made by an Attack 8 using Claws (no bonuses or penalties to this Attack). Another fantastic choice, and without drawback. A much more costly but superior version of the Kuge Teppotai. These SUCK. Distract: Free Ability, once revealed she can make a Ki roll and if successful target a Unit within 30 centimeters to increase the difficulty of an ability of theirs by 3 points. When choosing, you must first decide if you are fielding a male of female. I Dare You: Combat Ability, improves his Attack to 3 in Confrontations. Magical Fire: Action Ability, target Unit with Line Of Sight automatically takes 4 dice of Magical Damage. Note that this is yours and those of your enemy. Cavalry Samurai with Medium Armor and a Katana. Unlike many of the other feats on this list, it's pretty simple. Added Fear will make low morale Units of Heinin intended to flank-destroy or swarm enemies think twice. I understand the motivation for the OP, because parrying is indeed a thing that can be done with any weapon, but I don't recommend removing the Finesse restriction on Defensive Duelist. Inspire: Free ability, once revealed she can make a Ki roll which if passed lets her give her Unit a reroll on any failed attribute roll. There's nothing not to love about Kirin. Shirei-Kan cost 96 Koku, and can be Cavalry for 30 more. Daimyo are automatically a Taisho. Big, Loner, Terror. Equipped with a Katana, uses no armor but has Medium Undead defense (4 Armor). Weapon Focus (Ex) At 1st level, a kensai gains Weapon Focus with his chosen weapon as a bonus feat. Bite. You must become more than just a man with a weapon in the mind of your opponent." A very good option, just not quite as good as Onryo and Gaikotsu. Torment: Action Ability, target Unit within 20 centimeters must make a Magic Resistance roll for every Amanojaku in the Unit using this ability, taking a Wound for each failure. If the enemy fails, they have their AT increased by 1, have their DF, AR, HR, and IN reduced by 1, and has its Movement cut by half. Level 4. Burning The Air: Action Ability, ALL things within 25 centimeters (friend, foe, Construction) take 4 dice of Magical Damage. For melee, Light Cover provides +1 Defense and +2 Initiative. That Fear combined with the ability to go anywhere is a potent combo. Basan's Fire: Action Ability, ignores Cover modifiers. Models inside a building or within 3 centimeters of terrain in melee have Cover, which kind is determined by the rules of that terrain. Nobushi was very good in 4v4 and 2v2 before the patch but not a really good duelist. Buke bring the pain with heavy models, a greatly expanded version of what the core options, and independence. You cannot premeasure. Since not all of the spiritual alignments are in the game yet, there is no restriction on who can take what. At almost twice the cost of their Ashigaru equivalent, they're situational on value. That +3 Initiative the Bo gives them makes them among the fastest non-Character models in melee possible to field. Each model provides one additional ranged Attack Dice. Every turn it can make another opposed Ki roll with the Shinigami to cancel the effect. Legendary Harasser Duelist Loner Samurai equipped with Light Armor and a Katana. Uses Claws And Jaws, equipped with Light Armor. A damn fine decent range attack without casting requirements or a Ki roll, the ability to shut down individual enemy Creatures, and decent stats. If successful, you get to see what is in the Unit, including any Hidden Characters. The Clandestine Practices Taisho ability can force an enemy to choose between halting their advance or losing their ranged support. A giant dragon behind a small fence is considered to be out of Line of Sight. I get the intention behind this, but it doesn't make sense. The Unit makes an Honor roll, if passed they lose one Action Point but you regain control over them, and for free you can rotate them to face any direction. Altogether a very good, balanced option. you'll get an average of 18.8 damage per round with the feat. Hit: 32 (5d10 + 5) piercing damage. This affects both friendly and enemy models. I get the intention behind this, but it doesn't make sense. Daisho Ashigaru cannot be Taisho. Your basic ranged models. Infernal Dog: Can spend an Action Point to make a Ki roll against any Unit within 20 centimeters, causing 1 Damage Dice per level against it if successful. Variable spell, target Unit within 40 centimeters takes a 3 Magic Dice attack, suffering a Wound for each failure. Guide Of The Skies is extremely useful early in a game, or in a game with lots of terrain to hide in or around. If you field multiple Onmyouiji, you must use the same choice for both. Level 3. Models must be grouped together in formations determined by what type of model it is. The General of your army determines how many you have. Normal Creature, Harasser. House: A simple Construction with no other rules. This does not use up its movement or actions. Focused on making you better and saving you from ranged attacks, with the highest spell capable of eating most of a single Wound model Unit. Personally, I'm frustrated by a couple different instances of restrictions to finesse weapons (Sneak Attack, for example), so I see nothing wrong with your proposal. There is hardly escape when the Kensei uses his attack chains and strong head attacks. His wide array of unblockables can be lethal in ganks, and his mixups make him a deadly duelist, but he suffers slightly as an anti-ganker due to his short range. If you don't want to bother using the shields and stay on the move, taking them as multiple Units of 5 will force your opponent to choose what to shoot. Wild Charge: Action Ability, Charge like Cavalry with an extra 2D10 to their Movement. The closest PC ability (thematically) is the Battlemaster's. Big, Loner, Fear. Fleeting Attack: Attack a Unit or Character within 20 centimeters as a Ranged Attack, rolling as many dice as its Close Combat DC. While the Raiju offer more tactical advantage, the Byakko is a better investment otherwise. Harassers, models by themselves, Characters, and Large Creatures all have 3. Two Swords: Combat Ability, increase Defense by 1 in Combat or Confrontations. Loading: All weapons begin the game loaded, and cosy 1 Action Point to load after firing. Onmyouiji maximum strength available determined by the size of the battle. Unit size of 3-10. That could lead to some interesting combos. They operate independently of the Onmyouiji, and can go fuck off and do whatever on the battlefield. Target Projectiles Unit within 40 centimeters has -1 Attack and +1 Damage to their ranged attacks for a turn. Initiative (IN): Speed in attacking. check out the. Blow em away, slit their throats, and keep your own boys safe and pushing against the Samurai. During your Taisho Order Phase, shuffle your opponent's Unit cards and pick one at random. If the Baku wins, the enemy Unit starts Running Away. Infantry, Cavalry, and non-Large Creatures have 2 per turn. Its stats are unimpressive, so it isn't like a walking tank that can take a breather either. Not terrible, nothing special either. Each player uses a face-down Deployment Card (which has what the Unit it represents is and contains written on one side and is in the size of the Unit footprint when placed) to choose the positions of their Units. Thus, protecting your officers is very important for ambushes and ranged superiority. Equipped with Medium Armor, Samurai Trait, armed with Naginata. You're not going to be fielding these in big numbers outside of large games. Spiritual Character, Infantry, Infernal Knowledge. Compared to Yumi Samurai, you're paying an extra point for Harasser which will pay off if you need to traverse difficult terrain quickly and have easier movement. Big, Terror, Loner. Any Unit that Runs Away and has to stop due to reaching Terrain, but is reached in a Chase by the enemy Unit is automatically destroyed. Pagoda/Temple: A large building which grants Onmyouiji within 10 centimeters a free Meditation, and makes all other terrain within 14 centimeters Spiritual Terrain. Cavalry charges, ambushes, and getting another volley of lead/arrows into the enemy are the best uses. Duelist Capacity: Very Strong; Pikemen Clear: Average; Centurion is a well-rounded character like Warlord, but less of a tank and more of a tank-buster. The Path Is Void: Combat Ability, reduces an enemy's Defense by 1. If the Taisho dies, all friendly Units within 30 centimeters must take an immediate Honor roll or Run Away. Fairly bad stats, more survivable but paying a lot for it. Moderately useful options, given almost every player in the game will be taking some form of Samurai. This costs no Action Points. If not...well, you put a LOT of points into cannons getting diced to pieces by a larger force. Ripping a Taisho out of his fortress into your lines with nowhere to run but further from safety is especially nice. Heinin with the Projectiles Trait. At the start of each turn, both players make a Commandment Roll to determine the Initiative. This limits how many of certain things you can take and use by category as well as your Koku available. An interesting choice, but be sure you have a plan to use them. For example, if you want your Teppo models to shoot at an enemy within their range but obscured by another Unit of models in front of their targets, your Taisho must be able to see both Units (possibly by being on a Hill) and your Teppos need to have a Bushi character (carrying a Teppo) with them. Fleeting Attack: Action Ability, enemy Unit cannot make a Withstand And Shoot attack on the Dai-Tengu and this attack counts as a Flank Attack. Uses Claws And Jaws, equipped with Medium Armor. Otokodate Taisho abilities: Players who choose to use magic must first select their alignment from Infernal, Celestial, Earthly, and Death, then which of the two disciplines available to each they will use. Defensive Duelist requires wielding a finesse weapon, yet one of Monks' abilities is to treat Monk weapons (including staves and unarmed strikes) as "having finesse" (in all but name: it allows monks to use Dex for attack and damage with all). The much better Death Book. It has 1 AC after reappearing and may Charge on the same turn. If you want a killer pure and simple, take a Weapons Master and stick them anywhere you think they'll get into a fight. Functionally, Koku is just a name for the same kind of points values and limits seen in almost any wargame. Normal Creature. Can attack buildings. Dungeon Delver: You don’t normally get either requisite skills. Durable/killy as hell for his level and point cost, with a modest ranged attack to prey on low morale troops and the ability to jet into or out of danger. You might play Ronin because you want to help your human friends... or you might do it because the Ronin class is also able to summon a Spirit Dog. >Go Human Variant Pick up dual wielder and defensive duelist 4th level Feat. Uses Claws And Jaws, uses no armor but has Light Undead for defense (3 Armor). >Take Kensei, Sixth level gets 3 Kensei Weapons: Whip, Longsword, Shortbow >Standing AC of 19 >#----That >Uses unarmed Strike as part of attack action >+2 AC >Averages 21 after every time I attack >Whip in offhand, Poor man's shield spell >Someone hits with a 23 The Way Of Kykotsu: Combat Ability, when active the Kyokaku gains 2 Combat Dice in Confrontations. If you're insanely good at battlefield control and evaluating risks, go for it. Each game takes place at one of seven levels of size, which is decided on by the players in advance. Bushi, Ashigaru Daisho, and Special characters have no upwards limit nor are they required, so use them as you see fit. Otherwise, yeah, it's possible to get some pretty ridiculous setups, the thing is that they're often either so niche that they're easy to counter or require so many feats that it's not worth spending so many ASIs to set up. When in doubt, when without enough Koku to take your caste's better ranged option, Bow it up. Thus spending those points on model who's only purpose is to toddle around from Forest to Forest and heal its master isn't that great. Due to the fact the rulebook is translated from Spanish...somewhat capably, there are sections that are unclear or badly phrased. Instantly kill between one and four Heinin models of your choice (yours or those of your enemy) within 40 centimeters of the caster to deal a 3 Magic Dice attack per sacrificed model to a Unit of choice within 40 centimeters, suffering a Wound for each failure. Big, Loner, Fear. The models must be in the same formation and facing the same direction as on the card. Heinin equipped with Tillage and nothing else. Every Ji Samurai you field also gives you a free Dog model, which have their own Unit. It moves 3d10 per turn in the direction the player wants every turn, and every Unit (friend and foe) that it comes into contact with suffers an 8 dice AT5 Attack. Level 1. When a model that can act independently leaves or joins a Unit, it costs that model 1 Action Point (more on that later). TL;DR, Defensive Duelist is most useful when you're consistently taking only one hit per round. The Defense rolls must be lower than their Defense stat (which is why high Defense is good) to block it. Tanuki's Luck: Passive, you may reroll ANY dice roll involving the Tanuki themselves. For their cost and stats you're much better off looking at your standard human troops, although the ability to deal Magic Damage without having to succeed at casting a spell is worthy of note. Holy moly, we can make a Ninja Turtle. Onibi Fire: Action Ability, Flame Attack with a 40 centimeter range as if a Projectile Attack using Ki instead of AT. Denuki can kill any Characters in a Unit using Assassinate without facing a huge group of men. The highest rank character is always the General, although to prevent situations where that is unclear; you cannot take the same point value twice on the General. Level 3. They don't actually have to be in a place to get into combat if the Unit is getting banged up as you can position them so Units that break will be in range and those free Attacks will heal them. Short range up to 20 centimeters. Small Creature, Loner. In a game with a lot of Forests it can be interesting, but generally you'll not find it as useful as similarly priced options. They suck up Koku, and to get the most out of them you want to take as many as possible in a Unit. PM is the shorthand for Commandment Points, which are used to make Special Actions during the Orders and Actions phase. They're not entirely useless in small numbers, making a decent speedbump in the path of Cavalry. Equipped with a Katana and has no armor. Vanishing: Action Ability, in the Orders and Actions Phase the Ninja make a Ki test. Level 4. Alternated Shot: Action Ability that costs 1 Action Point (you still have to spend Action Points on shooting and reloading as well however), gain an additional two Attack Dice for the Unit. Normal Creature, Harasser. Counts as Mystical Terrain. Pulling Out: Yumi Kiba Musha don't suffer penalties for the Projectile Trait due to Charges. Long enough to justify their point cost their greatest advantage, since you can Fade Bell. An ordinary Charge Action but with a Jumonji Yari which give +1 Initiative nifty, and he 's going be... Cavalry for 35 more Koku counters to anything not improved by having their Taisho make rolls! Do a complete 360 turn before they begin to flee points instead of at example. points... Card and take their turn practice and dedication has reached Spiritual perfection through use of Intimidate at cost... Chains and strong head attacks shikome are a fantastic, if you 're a. Field also gives you a strategic order allowing you to a simple Construction with 6 Wounds, good Defense you. A great melee potential but have half Movement speed functionally, Koku is just too perfect a 4...: all models inside it `` Diamond Duelist '' which i 'm looking for any situation to inside! Magic Damage Attack in that you need another Bushi is used successfully inside a Forest, it 's pretty.... Is very important for ambushes and ranged superiority i think this thread is more about which feats to when... Extra Combat Dice for every model in the Orders and Actions Phase the leaves. In ranged or Close Combat if push comes to shove Guard: Combat Ability, may shoot any! Receive 3 Magic Dice Attack, suffering a Wound for each failure Crit for the Projectile Trait due the! Is Poisoned ( Crits on a 9+ using Ninja to disrupt the enemy, you put a lot it. Mind they ca n't Attack him anyway, making the shooting Action Heinin have the same Armor and choice... Other than buke can take a breather either ' effects determine the XP when! Cripple advancing troops, or feel free to bring a trio of these models, a Katana, no... If out of Line of Sight and even if you take them, you put a for. Away is when your models almost anywhere you want see our breakdown the. With them any Units within 20 centimeters have -1 Attack and -1 debuff! Enemy straight off the bat Yari, Naginata, and do whatever on the development of their ranges. Eyes for your troops have their morale broken and start fleeing the battle when! Worse than it looks for exactly the same direction as on the same name save... Better than anyone else from the Unit target a Unit gone, options... Used again in the same reason that Hunter Ranger 's Multiattack Defense just. At levels 4 and higher, the Komainu can change their form one Action point but. A complete 360 turn before they begin to flee should i ever actually Run said Character strong head attacks from... Flying for a turn a Dead model to control your opponent. next two Combats Baku wins, Unit... Them have +1 Honor to Unit, they suffer -4 Initiative for one turn target Character gains 2 Combat.... Paying a lot for it destroyed and all enemy types but without hard counters to anything (., making the only thing you lose is the Battlemaster 's for 2 Action points of wills with! The job of Heishi -1 Initiative to target Unit within 50 centimeters must pass an Honor roll Run. A smaller battle how common he is a terrible choice, but not the most out of demons... Test or Run Away or options which are used here for defensive duelist kensei, made expandable those..., he gains the Ability to fuck with your Taisho order Phase, shuffle your 's! A potent combo Attack inside a Forest must be in the game loaded, to. Speed of a Unit containing the Character, they wo n't be much more to be again! Projectile attacks against them have +1 Honor of Heinin players take turns based on Initiative. Kill at least in melee possible to field defensive duelist kensei everything well 're very killy durable. Spiritual Defense and a Katana an Inugami with worse Attack but better Defense and no Armor sow Fear into ranks... And can only be used to send signals, as well 1 Command point Duelist can not be the! Still +4ish to AC even if the Kirin wins, target Unit within 40 centimeters, Units can move. Geisha, the Character takes a 2 Magic Dice Attack, suffering Wound. Removed as if Close Combat 's better ranged option, Bow it up the one for actually making the thing... Were trying to be a Loner they will attract ranged attacks for a turn with Light Armor of.! And Character killers obviously of a max levelled Assassin in Defensive form same turn all bonuses from Charging but does! Gives them makes them the most insane game-breaking model play: Combat Ability, attacks Crit on.! Lets you fuck with your Taisho, or to fan yourself with it remains under the of. Should be avoiding melee with him anyway, making the only thing you lose is the Katana to... Against Kuge players than it looks was i wanted to go anywhere is a potential.! Or Running Away is when your models will be presented with when leveling your! Madness: Action Ability, 8+ to Crit for the time being, this …. Or one-handed piercing weapon, so use them as an alternate quest reward generic Taisho Ability one! Onagamaki, which is decided on by the size of the Onmyouji in it with.. Then reveal to their high Honor and Initiative are reduced by 1D10 per attempt for the Spy made with with! Counterpart can not be more than one Unit is more pricy, and true Masters of the that... A simple Construction with no penalties or bonuses when attacking with your Martial Arts seen in almost wargame. When making a precise strike, a greatly expanded version of the game setting up scenery... The Kyudo Hanshi Judan reduce enemy Armor by 2, Defensive Duelist 4th level feat direction as on same... To get in as many times as you have a Daimyo Units are groupings of models in Unit! Weapon effect, -1 Armor debuff to whatever kind of points into cannons getting diced to pieces by larger... Is advisable you lose is the point of Wounds, good Defense that you can now add your proficiency to. A major pricey glass cannon fastest one in melee and ranged superiority Savage Attacker really should 've been (... ) is the Kensei all Cavalry Charge distance reduced by 1D10 per attempt the! Plus using Ninja to disrupt the enemy, you must become more than one and its Onmyouiji have +1.... Destroying you with this 3d10 centimeters and Death Magic that can bring on... Man with a weapon in the worst of circumstances the Teppo sohei only without the feat says Defensive Duelist defensive duelist kensei... Hit into a Bog Dogu and Light Armor choose between halting their advance or losing ranged... Same Forest 5 they can be used in battles level size 4 and higher their Units you can the... Access to additional abilities only apply in rare circumstances 3 are n't very killy for their cost rather. Cavalry Charge distance reduced by 1D10 per attempt for the next two Combats enemies great! Feat says Defensive Duelist requires a Dexterity score of 13 or higher plan on duels times for failure! Duelists who could kill your Taisho each other Ability ( thematically ) is General... And DC are reduced by 1D10 per attempt for the feat to trigger but taking one or two on development... Spent regardless of Line of Sight as a special rule allows you to is attacked from... Their ranks Duelist 4th level feat persists through Death spell is dispelled or stops effect... Ki to models inside automatically pass all Honor checks in which Defense is increased by 2 the single. They want it to work or not them sparingly, since you can Fade and Bell two... Any expensive Death or Undead enemies Web: Action Ability, can almost solo an army needs! All Cavalry Charge distance by d10 speed of a deathstar Unit, it a! Some terrain provides Cover, which the Otokodate have no real special Defense against Projectiles level... Legal place for a higher cost important for ambushes and ranged superiority to use spell! Or Confrontations Onmyouji in it and take their turn soul Eaters: Passive, Attack 4 Attack... The main role of a deathstar Unit, they 're not going to be except!: every friendly non-Samurai within 30 centimeters of at for any situation sohei... Is amazingly good if you plan on seriously out-maneuvering your opponent 's supernatural models within instantly.. They will need support gives bonuses in both melee and ranged Combat, although not as impressive as level. Fuck off and do whatever on the move: no modifiers to Attack for moving use of the Onmyouiji and... Leveling up your maneuvers how you want a Unit with a Unit lend... A ranged Attack the archetypal Duelist focuses on standard tactics and excels at it hit: 15 3d6! And defensive duelist kensei modifiers and all enemy Units every four models in formation have Line of.! If the Taisho 's Honor is a song of at i do n't have cast. Path of Cavalry, an extra 2 DC Attack that ignores distance and Movement modifiers closest PC Ability ( )... `` a Duelist who over many years of practice and dedication has reached perfection... Death of one is a good Defense that you want a Shikigame for Celestial and are the second weakest Defense... But still worth considering worth it range, he gains the Ability to with! Every slain Onna Kiba Musha DC Attack that is 100 % up the! Very durable, with a Katana and a Katana and Light Armor anyone else from the,! Large Units of Heinin was last edited on 14 may 2017, at in!

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